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UText/1.2 Manual

This manual describes the Universal-Text Interpreter as of version 1.2.31.

Written on June 2009 (v.1.1). Reworked for v.1.2 on August 2010. Revised on June 2021.

Last updated on Sun May 22, 2022.


UText/1.2 Manual. Copyright © 2009, 2010, 2021 by Francesc Hervada-Sala

This manual is copyright covered and may not be reproduced in part or whole, or placed in a retrieval system without permission of the author.

Getting Started

Round Tour

Introduction to the Universal-Text Interpreter

UText Installation

User Guide

In-depth articles describing the system

Universal-Text Language

Syntax and semantics of the Universal-Text Language (UTL)

Feeding Text

How to enter text

Alternative Parsers

Extensions and Substitutes for the UTL language

Text Selectors

How to query text

Output Processors

About tags

Universal-Text Script

The UText Script language

UText Shell

Interactive and batch processing shell

Add-In Modules

Support for user-defined modules

User Reference: Operations

Reference Manual for the UText user; all output tags and script functionality

Operation Index

List of all tags, functions and hooks


Description of every output tag


Description of every script function

User Reference: Extensions

Description of the add-in modules that ship with UText

cms add-in

Add-in module for website generation and localisation support

odt add-in

Add-in module to read OpenDocument Format documents

env add-in

Add-in module for reading environment variables

types add-in

Add-in module for parsing tables

Perl Reference: Modules

Reference Manual for the UText Perl programmer; each module and its functionality


Nuclear module implementing the text structure


Module that parses and transforms the Universal-Text Language


Module implementing text selectors


Output processing support


UText Script interpreter


UText Script function support


UText Script settings support


Auxiliar module for file generation

Add-In Hooks

Description of every add-in module hook